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THINKING HEARTS is a positive youth engagement program facilitated by Thinkerminds to connect high school students to meaningful community impact projects while providing them with free life skills training.

Thinkerminds offers SAMTA TEEN FELLOWSHIP to support Equity in Education. This fellowship is for high school students. The fellowship offers opportunity to students to mentor another student from a economically marginalised background. The sessions are 1:1 and are online. It requires you to commit one hour per week to this program. You would be offered training sessions by Thinkerminds on various related skills. By the end of 6 months, you will be offered: 1.Certificate of participation 2.Certificate of Excellence - Only for those students who demonstrate exceptional sincerity and achievement 3.LORs on your Linkedin profiles. If you are interested in being a Changemaker and learn Life skills through this program, send us an email to mailto: .