Meetu Chawla will work with you in partnership to optimize your life step by step. She will guide you to change ways of thinking to achieve the success that you desire. That can vary from changing negative thought patterns, challenging your beliefs and fears, identifying strengths and weaknesses and discovering your hidden talent and passions.

What do you get out of it :

  • Design your personal success plan.

  • Clarify your Goals and align yourself to them

  • Identify your limiting Beliefs and Fears and eliminate thoughts that are not serving you.

  • Discover your real potential through Self Mapping & sketch your success path.

  • Upgrade your skills and habits

  • Weekly Sessions so you can stay on track and have a better chance of reaching your goals via Phone, Skype or in person

  • Unlimited phone or email support in-between sessions allowing you constant access to The Coach to answer all your questions, and cheer you on.


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Sessions are conducted 1:1 either personally or online through Skype/ FaceTime. If you are a group of 5 or more people customised group workshops can be designed and facilitated by Meetu.