In our classrooms, focus is primarily on teachers to effectively deliver the content to students. But very little emphasis is on training students on how to learn effectively. The focus has always been on What students need to learn rather than How they should navigate through their curricula for robust and deep learning.

Often times its been observed that students are able to ace their tests but are unable to sustain that knowledge for a longer period of time. They usually are incapable of better grades in final exams where the content to memorize is mammoth. Decades of research has now focused on the importance of effective and promising strategies for helping students learn.

Learning experts have also reiterated the significance of academic behavior and mindset for students to be successful learners. It has been observed that non-cognitive factors are of equal significance for effective and successful learning in students.

Educators around the world are being trained on how they can translate this new research in the classroom to help students learn. The idea is for the teachers to be well informed of these strategies to effectively deliver the content. However, given the demands of day-to-day teaching, teachers d have insufficient time to figure out which strategies work best. As a consequence, many a students feel challenged to stay at the top of their learning.

The following are the various teacher training workshops conducted by Meetu Chawla :

  • How students Learn: A scientific look at Cognitive Learning.

  • Non-Cognitive factors instrumental in effective student learning.

  • How to Integrate the Arts in STEM curriculum for Primary School.

  • Effect of Executive Function Skills on Learning in Students.

  • Developing a Success Mindset in your students.


Meetu also conducts motivational and personal success workshops for teachers.
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