Academic Success

Academic success coaching attempts at mentoring students to be self-regulated and motivated learners. The coach not only works to empower the students towards positive behaviour change but also assists them in implementing effective learning strategies.

The foundation to Academic Success Coaching is evidence based research conducted for the past couple of decades.

Why Academic Success Coaching

  • Do you tend to self-doubt your success as a student ?

  • Are you confused about what you want out of your student life ?

  • Do you constantly find yourself unplanned or under prepared for assignments/tests ?

  • Are you always late for submissions ?

  • Do you lack focus and concentration while studying ?

  • Are you frustrated by your low grades despite long hours of study ?

  • Are you losing out because you are unable to capitalise on your strengths ?

  • Do you struggle with exam anxiety and panic while writing a test?

What do you get out of Academic Success Coaching

  • Analyse your strengths & weaknesses and understand how to manipulate them for success.

  • Get clarity on your academic as well as personal goals.

  • Master the systems for better time-management and enhance productivity for an effortless student life.

  • Learn to strengthen your focus and concentration abilities.

  • Acquire key strategies for effective learning, memorising and making notes.

  • Recognise patterns leading to exam anxiety and learn coping strategies.

  • Develop a success mindset and set yourself on a path to excellence as student.

If you are constantly struggling with any of the above challenges or barriers, book your first FREE complimentary session now.

Remember, YOU can be successful too with the Student Strength Toolbox that you acquire while coaching with me.

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Sessions are conducted 1:1 either personally or online through Skype/ FaceTime. If you are a group of 5 or more people customised group workshops can be designed and facilitated by Meetu.

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